2021 Best Brow Lamination And Tint Brown 2 In 1


2021 Best Brow Lamination And Tint Brown 2 In 1


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The Brow Lamination And Tint Includes:

Pr0duct description
1* #1 Brow Lift (8-10 minutes)
1* #2 Brow Set (8-10 minutes)
1* #3 Keratin
1* #4 Relax
1* Brow Lamination glue
1*Cream Dye
1*Creme Oxidant
5*Lift tools
5* Micro applicator
10* Cleaning tools


Complete Kit Combo Pack Starter Kit! Professional Usage of Makeup at home are both OK.

You could use it just for a brow lamination or just for tint, or both together.


How to use the Brow Lamination&Tint –Effective kit

Attach lash on the silicone pads by using brow lamination glue.

Apply Libeauty (1) brow lift lotion for 7 minutes, and remove it.

Mix (2) Set Lotion & 3%Oxidant & Brown tint, the lotions rate is 1:1:2

(stirring 3 minutes, Until the mixed cream change into full black color,

apply on lash from base to tips, fully cover every lash for 15 minutes )

Remove all lotions, and apply the Nutrition care lotion.


Mega and fuller eye look after brow lamination & Tint

EASY APPLICATION: Easy to use & long last Fuller.

brow tinting gives your eyebrow a thick, full look.

If you have light eyebrows, lifting dying them can give them a more voluminous appearance.

You can brow lift and tint your own eyebrows for a long-lasting look without the use of or mascara.

It is safe and effective and smug and waterproof.

Good for Salon Eyebrow makeup or DIY Eyebrow perm with friends at home or sharing

eye makeup video with your social media fans.


Brow Lamination And Tint, Making The Lash Glossy and Mega Curl

1.Brow lamination and Tint lotions are water-based, easy to use, and easier to remove.

2.Good for new beginner or professional salon, it is safe without Sodium Bromate or Animal test Cruelty-Free!

3.The Glue is Clear and Strong, it is different from other glue in the market. Ours is Strong and set the lashes on the silicone very neat and stable.

At the same time is very easy to remove, just with water, only water! DIY Eyebrow lamination and tinting at home or new greener practice, choose beauty?

4.The Silicone pads are designed very soft to fit eyelids( if it deforms, put it in the hot water for 15 seconds, then it will become the original shape again).

The frosted surface makes the lashes stay onside, this is the key point to have a nice lash lift and tint effect.

5.Create extra curl for your lashes, without eyelash extensions, and no Lash Curler Needed or no mascara crave extra curl for their natural eyebrows.

6.Brow lamination and tint kit brow lift up your eyebrows up to 6– 8 weeks. and the lashes curl is nice, one by one is lifted neatly, no burning damage.

Clients love our lash lift kit.

7.Some other brand has good lotion, but no good glue. Here in the kit, we have strong water-based glue and softer silicone pads. It helps you do work smoothly and fast.




Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 5 cm


Customer Reviews

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They Look Microbladed!

I was so nervous to use this. I was afraid my eyebrow hair would fall out or it just wouldn’t work. The instructions were super simple and I followed them exactly how they explained. I used a timer and gathered
The materials not provided in the kit. Which was just some Saran Wrap and cotton balls.

It totally worked! My eyebrows are so lifted and look so much fuller! I took the liberty of tinting them after all the steps were complete but before I put the nutritional oil on them. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments and people think they are micro bladed! The thing I love the most about my eyebrows is that if I want to comb them flatter I can. I have gotten them illuminated before and they are like stick straight and non-movable. This kit allows the hairs to be soft and move in any direction I want them to! I would highly recommend giving this a try! The first picture I have my eyebrows brushed and penciled. The other two are after getting them lifted with the kit and nothing on them!

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