About Us

The origin of Iconsign’s name: We are fashion trenders.

Icon Of New Fashion, Sign Of Beauty Trend. (ICON-SIGN)

In 2005, Mrs. Yeon-min Park established her laboratory in South Korea–and produced the first lash lift product on the market named ICONSIGN.

Later Mrs. Park founded the ICONSIGN store and established an exclusive factory.

In 2008 Later Mrs. Park developed the sub-brand Libeauty.

Today, ICONSIGN products have expanded from lash lift to eyelash products, eyebrow tools, makeup, hair washing, hair coloring, skincare, and styling.

ICONSIGN’s core mission is: Always committed to letting all people, through the simplest way, make themselves more beautiful and confident to the greatest extent!

Beauty is something everyone can have. It is not expensive, but you are priceless. Let’s Open up Eyes and Shine.

Our clients are in different roles such as Internet celebrities, professional elites, housewives, etc. ICONSIGN helps everyone quickly create spiritual and full eye makeup.

Let everyone be able to exude unique and natural beauty at all times, whether they are living, working, or attending parties.

In order to offer better service for beauty-lovers around the world, ICONSIGN has established its own logistics system in markets such as Europe and the United States.

Be Beautiful With ICONSIGN !