Best Lash Lift And Tint Black 2 In 1


Best Lash Lift And Tint Black 2 In 1


1.LASH LIFT AND TINT 2 IN 1: One lash lift kit and one lash tint kit together,
full kit with all tools need for eyelash lifting & black tinting;

2.EASY TO USE AT HOME DIY: Lotions are easy to apply and remove off.
Less irritation and less burning;

3.LONG TIME LASH LIFTING AND BLACK TINTING: Keep the lash lifted and black for 6–8 weeks.
This is a simple way to change the eyes more beautiful instantly.
Say goodbye to lash extensions or heavy mascara;

4.VISIBLE RESULTS AT ONCE: Great fuller starter kit for an eyelash lift and tint,
lift your lash into a glossy volume and longer looking.

5.SAVE MONEY AND TIME: This Black Keratin lash lift and tinting kit is good for Social activities.

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The Lash Lift And Tint Includes:

Pr0duct description
1*#1 Fast perm (5-8 minutes)
1*#2 Fast fixation (5-8 minutes)
1*#3 Nutrition
1*#4 Cleanser
1* Dolly lash lift glue
10*Lift tools
1*Cream Dye
1*Creme Oxidant
3* Y-Shape perming brushes
3*Under eye pads
10* Silicone eye pads( S,M,M1,M2,L )
20* Micro applicator 10* Cleaning tools



Complete Kit Combo Pack Starter Kit! Professional Usage of Makeup at home are both OK.

You could use it just for a lash lift or just for tint, or both together.


How to use the LASH Lift And Tint –Effective kit

Attach lash on the silicone pads by using lash lift glue.

Apply Libeauty (1) Lift lotion for 7 minutes, and remove it.

Mix (2) Set Lotion & 3%Oxidant & Black tint, the lotions rate is 1:1:2

(stirring 3 minutes, Until the mixed cream change into full black color,

apply on lash from base to tips, fully cover every lash for 15 minutes )

Remove all lotions, and apply the Nutrition care lotion.



Lash Lift And Tint Before And After:


Mega and fuller eye look after lash Lift And Tint

EASY APPLICATION: Easy to use & long last Fuller.

Lash tinting gives your eyelashes a thick, full look.

If you have light lashes, lifting dying them can give them a more voluminous appearance.

You can lift and tint your own eyelashes for a long-lasting look without the use of or mascara.

It is safe and effective and smug and waterproof.

Good for Salon Eyelash makeup or DIY Eyelash perm with friends at home or sharing

eye makeup video with your social media fans.


Lash Lift And Tint, Making The Lash Glossy and Mega Curl

1.Lash lift and tint lotions are water-based, easy to use, and easier to remove, easy to use!

2.Good for new beginner or professional salon, it is safe without Sodium Bromate or Animal test Cruelty-Free!

3.The Glue is Clear and Strong, it is different from other glue in the market. Ours is Strong and set the lashes on the silicone very neat and stable.

At the same time is very easy to remove, just with water, only water! DIY Eyelash perm and tinting at home or new greener practice, choose beauty?

4.The Silicone pads are designed very soft to fit eyelids( if it deforms, put it in the hot water for 15 seconds, then it will become the original shape again).

5.Create extra curl for your lashes, without eyelash extensions, and no Lash Curler Needed or no mascara crave extra curl for their natural lashes.

6.Lash lift and tint kit lift up your lashes up to 6– 8 weeks. and the lashes curl is nice, one by one is lifted neatly, no burning damage.

7.Some other brand has good lotion, but no good glue. Here in the kit, we have strong water-based glue and softer silicone pads.

8.Take half an hour of treatment, then get a voluminous and black eye look. such as a dramatic DD curl,

a glamour D curl or natural C curl, Or Mega L curl.



Additional information

Weight250 g
Dimensions18 × 16 × 4 cm


Customer Reviews

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I'm Impressed!

I've been looking at the lash lift and tint for over a year and I finally decided to try one. Full disclosure: I have never had a lash lift or tint, ever, so I can't offer a comparison - just my experience.

I'm someone who only gets her eyeliner wings to match one day out of five, so I was worried this would be beyond my skill level, but I think I pulled it off! I gave four stars instead of five only because the instructions are a little vague (how much solution is supposed to be on the lash? How do I remove the solution? Do I need to avoid water for 24 hours like a normal perm?)

One note: if you are doing these on yourself like I did, you need to apply the solution, then lay down on your back while it processes. I kept trying to sit up and look at my phone with one eye while cream was globbed on my lashes, which ended with perm cream in my eye. Not comfortable. I imagine most people would have figured this out without being told, but just in case.

If it holds up for a couple weeks, then I think it's a pretty good product! Plenty of supplies to do the treatment at least 5-6 more times.

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Great experience, great product!

I've never used anything like this lash lift and tint before. It was so easy to use and my lashes look like I took the time to make them pretty! The tint arrived a couple of days later and was just as easy to use! My lashes are curled and look like I used mascara. The customer service was fast and courteous. 100% would recommend, and already did, and will consider other products!

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