Best Metal Eyelash Separator Tool 2 In 1

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Best Metal Eyelash Separator Tool 2 In 1


1.Eyelash Separator Tool: The pointed tip side is for picking and separating the eyelashes

and the flathead side measures the eyelash length, picks eyelash setting lotion, and holds glue.

With a metal mirror, you can easily observe the eyelashes.

2.Professional eyelash extension supplies: Perfect for grafting and separating the natural lashes,

gently lift and perm the natural lashes from the root.

3.Comfortable feeling: L-shaped design and surface polishing make a smooth line,

comfortable hand feeling after long-term work.

4.Reusable and portable: Clean your eyelash brush and wipe them with saline rinse after use.

Portable size is easier for carrying and storage.

5.Eyelash lifting and separating Tool: Stainless steel body and pick with soft grip.

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1.Eyelash Separator Tool-plastic box package

the package is –1pcs lash lift tool and 1 pcs mirror together

Lash lift tool and mirror are both Stainless steel material, usable, and Prevent corrosion.

Good for storing and professional work.

Buy it.


2.with a length marker for you to check the length of the lashes

when you having eyelash extension work or lash lifting process,

you may not know the length of the lash extension or the natural eyelash.

Our lash lift tool comes with a length marker onside. you could measure

and pick the right silicone pads or eyelash extensions with the correct length.

Having our lash lift tool, enjoy easier work.

Buy it.


3.multi-function lash lift tool, you deserve it

1. you could have our lash lift tool to measure the length of the lash. could have our lash lift tool to attach and comb the lash easily and fast. could have our mirror to check the lash whether stay well on the pads

and also the lash lift lotion area on the eyelash too.

4. buy and have them with you 🙂

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Weight 65 g
Dimensions 13.8 × 1 × 1 cm





Metal, Plastic

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