Best Mini Eyebrow Lift Last About 8 Weeks

Eyebrow Lift

Best Mini Eyebrow Lift Last About 8 Weeks


1.3 MINUTES EYEBROW LAMINATION: Just 3 steps! DIY eyebrow lamination at home.

Make your brows voluminous & fuller and longer like brow extension.

2.BROW LIFT 6–8 WEEKS: Changing brow into trendy and bigger shape at once,
and keep for 6-8 weeks.

3.QUICK EYEBROW LAMINATION LOTION: Easy to use with full tools kit,
suitable for Profession salon or DIY at-home use.

4.NO SODIUM BROMATE, SAFE BROW LIFTING: Easier and safe to use,
lotions are an amazing formula.

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The Mini Eyebrow Lift Includes:

Pr0duct description(1 Set)
1* #1 Fast perm (5-8 minutes)

1* #2 Fast fixation (5-8 minutes)
1* Dolly glue
5*Lift tools
5* Silicone eye pads( S,M,M1,M2,L )
5* Micro applicator 10* Cleaning tools


Suggested time:

– Short & Thin lashes recommend = maximum of 3 minutes


– Thick & Long lashes recommend = 4-5 minutes


How To Use Mini Eyebrow Lift :



Step 1: Apply Vaseline on the skin around the brow area.

(Vaseline is not included in the kit and avoids Vaseline on the brow hairs) .

Then apply the ① Fixing Gel on your brows, combing it into the desired shape.

Step 2: Apply the ① Lift lotion on your brows.

(cover with plastic wrap,thin brows 3 minutes, thick brows 4-5 minutes).

Step 3: Remove the ① Lift lotion and apply the ② Lock lotion on brows

(cover with plastic wrap ,thin brows 3 minutes, thick brows 4-5 minutes)

Step 4: Clean off all lotions and apply the ③ Brow Serum Aftercare on the Brows

(Aftercare is not including in the kit)




Additional information

Weight58 g
Dimensions10.8 × 10.5 × 3.9 cm




Customer Reviews

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It works!

I’ve gotten brow lams in the past professionally done and have naturally thick brows so my brow lams usually don’t last that long (probably 3 weeks). Since we’re in a lockdown I thought why not. They came out amazing! This eyebrow lift worked really well. Make sure you use plastic wrap to help flatten the brows, keeps them in place, and help it “cook” properly to get the best results. I saw some reviews saying it lasts only 1-2 weeks so I’ll be back in 2 weeks to let you all know how well it’s holding up. Also I’m using topical gel for my acne (tactupump) and it didn’t irritate or burn my skin at all. My brows look super bushy so I’m going to try and tweeze the front some more (can’t wax bc topical gels thin out the skin and cause ripping/tearing when waxed). Hope this helps!!

EDIT: used it on my mom and sister and they have thinner smaller brows but their brows barely stayed up. Something I did on my brows that I didn’t on theirs is after I was done I put Vaseline (petroleum) jelly in my brows as well as the skin around them to help with any slight stinging feeling (didn’t really have but just to be safe) and then brushed them into the desired shape and I also didn’t wet the brow hairs for almost 24 hours (so no swimming working out/gym) compared to the 8 hours they tell you. I’m guessing these 2 combos helped with keeping my brows flat and nice so I suggest you guys try it out!!

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