Best Y Brush Lash Lift 10 Pcs

Y Brush Lash Lift
Y Brush Lash Lift
Silicone Brush

Best Y Brush Lash Lift 10 Pcs


1.Y Brush Lash Lift: One side of this Y brush is used to comb the eyelashes and

help you attach them to the silicone pads. The other flat side is used to remove the lotion.

2.Professional lash extension supplies: Perfect for separating the natural lashes.

Gently lift and perm the natural lashes from the root.

3.Comfortable using: Y-shaped design makes a smooth line, comfortable

hand feeling after long-term work

4.Package Included: 10Pcs Y shape lash brush is packed in premium PU case,

so it’s easier and cleaner for storage. Reusable after washing with a saline rinse.

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What Is Y Brush Lash Lift?

1.Professional lash extension supplies: Perfect for grafting eyelashes, separating the natural lashes,

gently lift and perm the natural lashes from the root, create a magic appearance of longer and thicker lashes.

2.Lash lift tool: The Y brush is used to comb the eyelashes and the U brush can easily deal with eyelash glue or eyelashes.

3.Lightweight: Y-shaped design make smooth lines, comfortable hand feeling adapt to long-term work.

4.Material safety: Y Shape comb brushes made of inorganic plastic, non-toxic and tasteless, safer.

5.Package Included: 5Pcs y shape lash brush in designed premium PU case, easier and cleaner to store,

washed with a saline rinse and reused.

How To Use Y Brush Lash Lift:

1.Choose the desired sized pad and place it as close to the root of the lashes as possible.

(you can find different sizes of pads in our store)

2.You can use any type of eyelash glue to apply and hold the eyelashes.

3.Use a brush with a dab of glue and brush a little over the rod.

4.Then sweep the lashes in an upward motion. Make sure the lashes are straight in the groove line,

the eyelashes are more close and eyelashes lift to feel more after combed.

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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 5.3 × 5 × 1.8 cm



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