Mini Brow Lamination Kit


Mini Brow Lamination Kit


1.3-5 minutes Brow Lamination: Make your eyebrows will look instantly fuller, fluffier, and super sleek with a perfected;

2.Safe and lifted for 6–8 weeks: Professional but fast service that can achieve superior results in only 20 minutes, or less!

3.Airless pump design: The shelflife lasts for 18 months and it stays fresh for 90 days after opening;

4.Reusable & economic :1 set is available for 12-13 people, save your money and time;

5.Easy to use: Squeeze gently and you could get the right amount of lotion.
Never waste and kept the rest lotion safe from oxidant.

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The Brow Lamination Kit Includes:

Product Description(1 Set):
1* #1 Brow Lift (3-5 minutes)
1* #2 Brow Set (3-5 minutes)
10*Lift tools
10* Micro applicator
20* Cleaning tools

Suggested time:

– Short & Thin brow recommend = maximum of 3 minutes

– Thick & Long brow recommend = 5 minutes


Add length and volume to your eyebrows, ideal for both very thin and thick, unruly brows.

Eliminates those stray hairs on eyebrows that are growing down, are straight or don’t have a shape at all.

The result is natural-looking brows with perfect shape.

Making brows richer in shape while looking healthier and look fuller even if your brows aren’t full.

How To Use Brow Lamination:

1. Clean eyebrow thoroughly and apply skin protection cream such as

Vaseline on the surface skin around and under the eyebrow

( it could form a coating to protect the skin from the lift and tint lotion ).

2. Apply the glue on the eyebrows and comb it in a good direction with a mascara brush.

3. Apply the lift lotion #1 on the eyebrow (lifting time: thinner brow 8 minutes, thicker brow: 5 minutes).

4. Remove the perm lotion #1 and apply the fixed lotion #2. (fixing time: thin brow 8 minutes, thick brow: 5 minutes).

5. Remove the lotions with a cotton bud and then use dampened cotton with

cold water to remove the product until no residue.

6. Use cleanser solution #4 to clean off all the perm residue.

7. Use Nutrition lotion #3 to nourish your eyebrow with a brush.

8. Wipe all lotion with a cotton bud gently then use dampened cotton with

cold water to remove the rest residue.

Hold tissue near the eye area to capture.



Additional information

Weight 165 g
Dimensions 11.5 × 9 × 3.5 cm




Customer Reviews

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Salon quality without the salon price

I don’t leave product reviews very often, but I just love this brow lamination so much! This is the second time I had my brows laminated.

First was done by a professional brow artist in a salon and cost me $120. I wanted to see if I could do it myself to save some money so I ordered this kit.

The result was just as good as from a professional and the best part is that I saved a ton of money!

This DIY kit costs less and I can do like 6 or so laminations with this kit. So amazing! I highly recommend it!!!

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