2021 ICONSIGN Lash Lift Kit, Eyelash Perm Kit Upgraded Version


2021 ICONSIGN Lash Lift Kit, Eyelash Perm Kit Upgraded Version


1.UPGRADED GLUE: Brand new glue, Solved the problem that the old one is not sticky, No need to buy extra glue;

2.COMPLETE TOOL SET Contains all the tools needed to perm eyelashes, comes with an eye pad as a giveaway;

3.EASY TO USE: Eyelash perm kit has Instructions for use, very easy to understand and use;

4.GREAT PERFORMANCE: After perming, use eyelash coating maintenance lashes can keep Lifting for 3 months;

5.GREAT FOR WEDDING AND PARTY: Lash perm can make your eyes look bigger and more spiritual.

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The Upgraded Lash Perm Includes:

Product description(1 Set):
1* #1 Perm (8-12 minutes)
1* #2 Fixation (8-12 minutes)
1* #3 Nutrition
1* #4 Cleanser
1* Dolly lash lift glue
3* Y-Shape perming brushes
3*Under eye pads
5* Silicone eye pads( S,M,M1,M2,L )
5*Flocked Applicators

5*Mascara Wands
10*Micro Brush

Suggested time:

– Short & Thin lashes recommend = maximum 5-8 minutes

– Thick & Long lashes recommend = 8-12 minutes


Attention To Be Noted:

– Please Keep the lotion in a cool dry place and avoid direct sun exposure. Do not Refrigerate.

– After opening the seal of the first application, please use up within 2-3 months.

– Wash your eyes with distilled water or eye drops if the lotion accidentally reaches on the eyes or skin.

How To Use ICONSIGN Upgraded Eyelash Perm Kit:


1.Use cleanser #4 to remove the oil, dust, and makeup residue.

2.Apply the eye pads under the eyelids to protect your skin from the perming lotion.

3.Put glue on the silicone pads then place it on the upper part of the eyelid and make sure it stays.

4.Apply the glue on the eyelash to keep it stuck to the lift pads for 1 minute
(press the eyelashes onto the silicone pads with the flat side of Y brush to make them attached well and comb them one by one).

5.Use the PERM #1 on the eyelashes, avoid lotion on the end 1/4 of an eyelash
(Time: Thin eyelash is 8
minutes, Regular eyelash is 10- -11 minutes, Thick eyelash:12 minutes).

6. Remove the PERM #1, and Apply FIXATION #2 on the eyelash, avoid lotion on the end 1/4 of the eyelash
(Time: Thin eyelash is 8minutes, Regular eyelashes 10- -1minutes, Thickeyelash:12minutes).

7.Use the cleanser solution #4 to clean off all residue with the Y brush, wiping with the comb side.

8.Remove the lift pads from the upper part of your eyelid, then use nutrition lotion #3 to nourish your eyelashes.


See the effect :

Compared to other regular lash lifts in the market, our advantage of ICONSIGN Upgraded LASH PERM is that the kit works well.


How Long Does Lash Lifts Last :

Tips of Libeauty Lash Perming:

Do use a timer.

Do not over process.

Use eyelash perm kit in a well-ventilated room.

External use only.

Why choose our lash lift kit?

Our kit is easier to work with and makes less of a mess. the lash lift up in a straight direction

and no burning.

Aftercare caution after Lash Lift:

Aftercare instructions for the next 48 hours :
→Do not wet or rub your eyes
→Do not apply the cream around your eyes
→Do not apply mascara →Do not swim, take a sauna or facial
→Comb your eyelash upwards every day

→Use nourishing coating every day
For best results, clients are advised to return at least every 2 or 3 months after treatment.


Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 16.5 × 12 × 2.3 cm




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
At home lash lifting

I used to get my lashes professionally lifted... never again. I know the steps of a lift and with the directions included it was super easy to use.

Picture I posted is one side after a lift, and the other side is my natural lashes. This lash lift kit really works!

Laura Otalora Guerra
It works awesome!

Absolutely love this lash perm... it totally helped me to figure out if this is something I wanted to do and have done and it’s a winner !!! Absolutely did my daughter’s lashes and she did mine ! Super easy and affordable

Easy even for an amateur

I have never tried any type of lash perm product or had it done at a salon. So, thus was a totally new experience for me. Also, I am not a make-up person at all.

First of all, there is only 1 set of eye pads to go under your eyes, but i found them terribly annoying and only used them the first time. There are 5 sets of lift pads. These are different sizes for the curl. The first time I used M2 and got a nice curl. Sne time I am doing L. The first time my sister did everything for me. This second time I am doing it by myself.

I found using tape after applying the chemicals easier than plastic wrap. I like the lift of both sizes. I know my skin is not great, but I wanted to show how my lashes looked after the treatment. My lashes usually go straight or curl back. I have really been happy with the 2 times I have used this mostly because it corrects the craziness of my lashes!

Melanie Matthews
Definitely worth it! Makes even stubborn ones go up!

OKAY, I got this eyelash perm kit Last November and it's now January. I've been using this once a month. At first, I couldn't get my hairs to stick with the glue, they were just so stubborn! I did this myself and this time they look great! As you can see in the first pictures you can't really see my eyelashes on the one eye I didn't do. Like nothing at all, my eyelashes are extremely straight and stubborn. Even when I look up you can't really see much but a thin black outline lol. I read some reviews saying that their eyelashes fell off and I guess it has to do with that person specifically. I didn't have much, to begin with, but I routinely checked and I've had no abnormal loss of eyelashes. It's all still pretty much the same. It was gentle and nothing burned, you just obviously have to be careful especially if you have sensitive skin. I just wish it was a bit easier to do but after a few months I got the hang of it and I can do it all by myself. It's definitely worth the money and I love it! One thing though, I don't like that the applicator has a small cotton tip that falls out in like five seconds so that's a bummer. But otherwise, this is really good for the money.

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